Work In Progress

This is my progress so far.


I have created my main images that will illustrate my process. Unlike my concept sketches, I thought it would be more simple to just draw one finger as it will be clearer to understand, rather than drawing a very poor imitation of a hand.

I still need to add text and my small section of ‘Tips’ at the bottom.

I am still yet to decide on my background. I was initially going to chose the rainbow coloured background in my concept sketches but it seemed like an outdated style for my target audience. I will opt for more simple, mature, hip colours that are in style today. I will look at beauty guru’s on YouTube and Pinterest as well as stores like Typo and Kikki K. for inspiration.



  1. Hey i think your work in progress is looking great so far Natsuki! I think you’re choice to use just one finger rather than an entire hand was a great choice as it still creates the same effect but reduces the clutter that a whole hand could cause. the feedback i would give is that i think you should make it clear which step goes after the other. this could be as simple as having arrows pointing from each step to the other or even using a little circle with a number in it beside each image. Another thing i thought of is making the “what you need” box a little more visually appealing by putting the manicure tools inside a ‘tool box’ or whatever the manicure equivalent is. I think perhaps adding some shadow from the fingers and tools onto the background to give your image some nice depth. One thing that i also realized when i was making my image is that everything looks way better and way more ‘infographicy’ when you remove black borders from objects and shapes. I can see you’ve done it with the nail clippers and it looks very good so i say you just continue with that for all of your objects. If u do dat it shuld b mean as geeh. piece.


  2. This is looking great! I like your drawing of a finger and I really like how short and simple it looks! I think with what you’ve got now, it could be cool to have pretty patterns in the background, maybe like popular nail art type, like chevron or tribe-style patterns.

    I also think having one font throughout might give the infograph more of a consistency. Even something like a simple and elegant or cute fonts, which ever fits more with your infograph.
    Hope this doesn’t interfere with your initial style! Excited to see what you’ll come up with!


  3. Natsuki, to be honest you have done an amazing job by the look of things. The overall coming along of your infographic communicates well across and is striking in design. You can probably add some small things to jazz things up to make it more appealing to a person who wants to do their own manicure. But overall, NICE WORK!


  4. Looking good so far! I found it very easy to follow and understand, and I’m sure other people who read this infographic will feel the same way! It was a good call having only one finger in each step rather than the whole hand because it would get very cluttered and unpleasant to look at.

    I would suggest making the “What You Need” box a little more visible, and possibly have small pictures/descriptions of the items you need? People who are completely new to nail care may not necessarily know what these items look like.

    As for the background and design, I agree with looking at beauty bloggers and fashionable stores for inspiration. A nice, clean, contemporary look to your infographic will definitely attract people!

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!


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